Bharti Singh Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know

Bharti Singh, a well-known comedian, took on an amazing journey to lose weight. Her hard work and motivation lead her to try intermittent fasting and a special diet. She lost about 15 kilograms with these methods and now leads a healthier life.

She chose to fast for 17 hours each day, starting from 7:00 pm. During her 7-hour eating period, she enjoyed healthy meals and snacks. This fasting plan was the key to her losing weight.

Every morning, Bharti ate a tasty egg paratha with butter for breakfast. This dish gave her the energy and nutrients she needed for a good start. She stayed full and energized until lunch.

For her evening snack, Bharti liked a warm cup of tea with a little sweetener. She also included snacks like makhana, roasted chickpeas, or nuts. This kept her satisfied and prevented hunger later in the night.

Her dinner often included lentils and rice cooked in ghee. This simple meal was nutritious and energizing. She made sure to eat less food to reduce her calorie intake, aiding in her weight loss.

After losing weight, Bharti’s story became famous online. She spoke openly about ignoring her health for many years. At one point, she was almost diabetic and suffered from asthma. But, she turned her life around with her weight loss journey.

Bharti thanks intermittent fasting for her success. By controlling her meal timings and portions, she achieved her weight loss goals. Her discipline and healthy diet were also key factors in her journey.

In an interview, Bharti revealed she lost 16 kilograms in 10 months through fasting. She avoided eating after 7:00 pm until noon the next day. This method also helped her health issues like diabetes and asthma.

A nutrition expert, Manav Bajaj, says women can lose a lot of fat with a good fasting plan. Fasting, combined with strength training, can help build muscle and burn fat. He suggests that fasting should be done with expert advice to stay healthy.

Bajaj says the 16:8 fasting rule is better than fasting for a whole day. During fasting, he emphasizes the need for water and nutrients, not just avoiding food. This approach improves results and health outcomes.

Before starting fasting, it’s wise to get a health check-up. This is especially important for those with obesity or health issues. Checking your health first helps you fast safely and effectively.

The Motivation Behind Bharti’s Weight Loss Journey

Bharti Singh decided to lose weight because she was worried about her health. She was dealing with Asthma and Diabetes. She also wanted to feel better about herself.

Despite being joyful and lively, Bharti struggled with her weight. It made simple tasks around the house hard for her. So, she set off to get healthier.

She chose to use intermittent fasting to achieve her weight loss. This method was her way of eating differently. She hoped this change would make a big difference for her health and life.

Understanding Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Bharti Singh lost weight by trying out intermittent fasting. This method follows our body’s natural clock. It involves having times for eating and times for not eating.

Her routine was simple. She didn’t eat from 7 pm until noon the next day. This means she had a 17-hour period where her body used stored fat for energy.

Intermittent fasting helped more than just losing weight. It also made her diabetes and asthma better. This shows how good it can be for your health.

This way of eating has been around for a long time. It fits with our body’s daily patterns. This not only makes digestion and metabolism better but also helps manage weight.

It’s key to understand that this method is not too strict. Bharti still got to eat her favorite foods during her eating times. This makes it easier to stick to and still eat healthily.

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Bharti Singh’s Meal Plan during Intermittent Fasting

Bharti Singh used a specific meal plan to help with her weight loss during intermittent fasting. She started her eating window at 12:00 noon with a healthy meal. This was egg paratha with butter, a nutritious combo of protein and healthy fats. It kept her full and supported her health.

By having eggs for breakfast, Bharti got the protein she needed for the day. Proteins are key for muscle repair and feeling satisfied longer. Adding butter not only made her meal tastier but also boosted her energy and nutrient intake.

If you’re a vegetarian, you can get your proteins from soya, chickpeas, and lentils. These options are great for your needs if you don’t eat meat.

Ghee was a big part of Bharti’s diet. This clarified butter is full of good fats and vitamins like A, D, E, and K. It helps the body absorb nutrients better and keeps her feeling full during fasting.

Remember, you can adjust your meal plan to suit your likes, needs, and health goals. It’s a good idea to work with a nutrition expert. They can help you create a plan that fits you perfectly.

Bharti Singh’s Evening Snack Options

On her weight loss path, Bharti Singh found a way to enjoy tea without hindering her progress. She chose healthy snacks for evenings. These kept her happy and full.

Bharti loved eating makhana, also called fox nuts. This snack is low in calories but high in fiber. It’s made crispy by roasting and flavored with tasty spices. She often ate this while having tea.

Roasted chickpeas were another favorite snack for her. They are rich in protein and fiber, and crunch nicely. Bharti liked how she could play with different flavors when consuming chickpeas.

To mix things up, she also enjoyed a mix of nuts. Almonds, walnuts, and cashews were favored. They gave her snack time a good crunch and provided healthy fats and vitamins.

Besides nuts, soaked almonds, walnuts, and dates made it to her snack list too. These snacks kept her going strong till the next meal.

By choosing these snacks for her evenings, Bharti made smart choices. They helped her relax during tea time, and nourished her without derailing her weight loss goals.

Bharti Singh’s Dinner Routine and Food Choices

Bharti Singh sticks to eating during certain hours each day to help with losing weight. She finishes eating by 7:00 pm and then doesn’t eat until 12 noon the next day. Her last meal of the day usually includes dal (lentils) and rice cooked in ghee.

She likes this meal because it’s a good mix of protein, carbs, and fats. Bharti makes sure she doesn’t eat too much and adds a bit of ghee to her rice. She also makes sure to have some salad to help her stomach digest well.

To lose weight, Bharti focuses on eating mostly natural, homemade foods. She stays away from unhealthy, processed snacks. Eating less food and choosing meals carefully helped her lose weight.

Bharti always eats at the same times every day. This, along with choosing her meals wisely, helped her reach her weight and fitness goals.

Bharti Singh’s Weight Loss Transformation without Gym Workouts

Bharti Singh proves that you can achieve your fitness goals without a gym. She focused on her diet and eating times, which led to a big change.

Bharti practiced intermittent fasting. This means she fasted for 17 hours and ate for 7, without any food during the fast. This way, her body used stored fat for energy, starting her weight loss journey.

She had a special first meal after fasting. Her go-to was an egg paratha with butter. This meal gave her proteins and other nutrients after her long fast.

At dinner, Bharti would eat lentils and rice with ghee. She always ate before 7:00 pm, following her fasting schedule strictly. This helped manage her calories and digestion.

Bharti chose homemade, clean foods over processed or junk foods during her diet. This ensured she got all the right nutrients for her weight loss.

What sets Bharti’s story apart is that she didn’t need the gym. She stayed active by doing household chores during lockdown. This helped her burn calories and lose weight.

Bharti’s story inspires those without gym access or who choose different exercise paths. It shows changing diet and staying active can lead to lasting weight loss.

Bharti’s success comes from her dedication to a healthier life. She lost nearly 15 kilograms by fasting and eating better. This improved her health too.

In the next section, we’ll share Bharti’s weight loss secrets and how she keeps up the good work.

Secrets to Bharti Singh’s Weight Loss Success

Bharti Singh found success in her weight loss journey through several key strategies. She used intermittent fasting extensively. This meant fasting for 17 hours and eating in a 7-hour window. This method let her include her favorite foods while still creating a calorie deficit for losing weight.

Skipping meals was not part of Bharti’s plan. She knew it might cause unhealthy cravings and slow her progress. Instead, she used portion control and aimed for well-balanced meals.

Meal timing was also vital for Bharti. She stuck to a regular eating schedule. This prevented her from snacking too much and kept her body well fueled.

Bharti’s weight loss method focused on homemade food. She believed in clean, fresh ingredients for her meals. For example, she enjoyed dishes like egg paratha with butter in the morning. For dinner, lentils and rice cooked in ghee were her go-to. Plus, she snacked on health gems like makhana and nuts.

With intermittent fasting, no meal skipping, careful portion control, and a set meal schedule, Bharti achieved remarkable results in her weight loss. Her dedication to healthy living is truly inspiring for anyone starting their journey.

Bharti Singh’s Healthy Approach to Weight Loss

Bharti Singh worked hard to lose weight the right way. She started eating homemade meals and cut out junk food. This change helped her stay healthy and get the right nutrition. She also did a form of fasting that meant she ate less but still enjoyed her favorite foods.

Eating food made at home meant Bharti got to use fresh, natural ingredients. She made sure there weren’t any harmful chemicals in her food. This way, she knew exactly what she was eating.

She knew junk food was no good because it’s often bad for you. It can have too many calories, fats, and sugars. So, she said no to junk food to cut down on calories and lost weight.

Bharti also tried fasting for a while each day. This meant for some hours, she didn’t eat. It helped her body burn more calories.

She didn’t stop at just fixing her meals. Bharti also stayed active by doing chores at home. This extra work helped her lose more weight and get fitter and stronger.

By combining home cooking, fasting, and eating less, Bharti reached her weight loss goals. Her success story is motivating. It teaches others to focus on good food, watch when you eat, and live a healthier life.


Bharti Singh’s journey highlights how a steady health approach can change lives. Using intermittent fasting and mindful eating, she dropped over 33 pounds in months. This success not only motivates her supporters but also shows the many pluses of losing weight.

Maintaining a good weight lowers heart issues, diabetes, and more. It also helps with sleep apnea. Better sleep and more energy make daily tasks simpler.

Her transformation is not just physical. Losing weight can boost mental health, reducing stress and negative thoughts. A steady weight loss plan can lift spirits and enhance how people see themselves.

Bharti’s story is a call to adopt a life-long health routine. She urges everyone to tune into their body, choose healthy food, and start a path to a better life. A journey that’s both healthy and joyful.


How did Bharti Singh lose weight?

Bharti Singh started a journey to lose weight. She used intermittent fasting and a special diet.

What motivated Bharti Singh to lose weight?

Health problems like Asthma and Diabetes pushed Bharti to slim down. She also wanted to show she’s more than just cute and cheerful.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting matches eating times with the body’s natural rhythm. You have set times for eating and fasting.

What was Bharti Singh’s fasting window during intermittent fasting?

She fasted for 17 hours daily and then had a 7-hour eating period.

What did Bharti Singh eat for breakfast during intermittent fasting?

At noon, she had an egg paratha with butter. This meal gave her protein, good fats, and carbs.

What snacks did Bharti Singh include during evening tea time?

In the evening, she snacked on makhana, roasted chickpeas, or nuts with her tea.

What was Bharti Singh’s dinner routine?

Her dinner was at 7:00 pm. It included rice, lentils cooked in ghee, and extra ghee with the rice.

Did Bharti Singh exercise or go to the gym for her weight loss?

No, Bharti Singh didn’t use the gym to lose weight. She changed her diet instead.

What factors contributed to Bharti Singh’s weight loss success?

Intermittent fasting, watching portion sizes, and sticking to a regular eating schedule helped Bharti Singh lose weight.

How did Bharti Singh maintain a healthy approach to weight loss?

She stuck to homemade meals, cut out junk food, and followed a diet with fewer calories. This let her still enjoy her favorite dishes.

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