Janelle James Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know

Janelle James is celebrated for her comedy and recent success on “Abbott Elementary.” She’s also achieved a big win in her health, losing more than 30 pounds. This wasn’t easy, especially with health issues like a thyroid disease and surgeries. Despite this, she pushed through and came out on top.

Janelle often talks about her favorite foods and eating habits. She loves soup, especially chicken soup during cold seasons like winter. She also stresses using good stock and fresh herbs in soup making. This boosts both taste and health value.

She’s picky about her protein sources too. For a tasty, filling meal, she goes for an Italian sandwich. She likes hers from Marlow & Daughters for the fresh flavors they offer.

But, healthy eating for Janelle isn’t just about meals. She drinks smoothies from Brooklyn Blend, often with mango and agave. Choosing these flavors shows her effort to make better food choices.

Balance is key for her, especially in food choices. She enjoys a Caesar salad with grilled chicken after performing at the Comedy Cellar. This shows her smart approach to eating, mixing what’s both filling and healthy.

Janelle’s path to better health is just one part of her success story. Her work on “Abbott Elementary” has brought her much praise and a wide audience. The show’s success, especially for its diverse aspects, has made it stand out at big awards ceremonies.

Her success extends beyond the screen as well. Janelle has written for several TV shows, proving her talent behind the camera too. Her experience on shows like “The Rundown With Robin Thede” and “Black Monday” speaks to her skill.

Despite all this, Janelle faces industry challenges. Some see her only as a “mom comic” because she has children. She doesn’t let this define her, drawing confidence from her experience and the respect of her peers.

She has big dreams for the future, hoping to land roles in popular shows and even a Marvel movie. Her interest in these projects shows her ambition in the entertainment world. She’s clear, however, that her real identity is different from her on-screen characters.

Janelle James’ Struggles with Weight

Janelle James has faced many hurdles in her fight with weight. It started with a thyroid disease at 16, affecting her metabolism and causing weight gain. High school brought knee surgeries, making it harder to keep a healthy weight.

Even with these challenges, Janelle gained weight in college. Long commutes and the stress of many duties hurt her health and fitness.

Weight problems have been a big part of Janelle’s journey to health. Despite setbacks, her willpower and strength have pushed her forward.

On her weight loss journey, Janelle has shown great progress and commitment. By September, she had dropped from 275 to 270 pounds. Now, she weighs 243.8 pounds.

These milestones show Janelle’s relentless effort to be healthy. She’s beaten many obstacles to achieve this, gaining both physical and mental strength.

Janelle now not only walks better but jogs a full mile. Her path to health is clearly marked by better choices in exercise and diet.

For breakfast, she often has scrambled eggs and kale. These meals show her commitment to a healthy, balanced diet.

When feeling sick, Janelle turns to comfort foods like chicken soup. She loves soups year-round, especially in winter, enjoying a variety.

When cooking, Janelle values starting with a good stock for her soups. She pays careful attention to taste and quality in her meals.

When eating out, she picks healthier options like a special Italian sandwich at Marlow & Daughters. This underlines her choice for quality food.

Janelle sees soup as a great dish that gets better leftover. This shows her love for meals that last and satisfy.

She also makes a special chicken, lentil, sweet-potato, and kale stew at home. This shows her love for creating nutritious and enjoyable food.

Janelle enjoys a wide range of dining experiences, from crab fried rice to lentil soup. She loves exploring new food options.

Janelle admits to loving sweets despite her healthy eating. A Chocolove chocolate-pretzel bar is among her favorites.

She makes smart choices even when out, like waffles with eggs at Kellogg’s Diner. This shows her skills in making healthy food choices in any setting.

Janelle’s love for food is clear, seen in her love for the changing seasons and food-making rituals. It shows how her weight journey intersects with her food passion.

Pregnancy and Weight Gain

In 2011, Janelle James gained 45 pounds during her pregnancy, hitting 240 pounds. Pregnancy changed her body with more hormones and hunger. Balancing being a mom, studying, and working was hard. It made taking care of her health and weight tough.

After giving birth, Janelle was a full-time student and mom. Balancing these roles was draining. This made focusing on her health and weight harder.

Many women gain weight during pregnancy. In the U.S., obesity rates have been high for both adults and kids. Studies show obesity hurts a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. So, staying at a healthy weight is vital.

Janelle’s weight loss journey is inspiring. She wants to motivate others facing similar challenges. To lose weight, she stresses the importance of staying committed and consistent.

Even though pregnancy can cause weight gain, you can get your health back. It’s all about a good diet and staying active.

Finding Motivation to Lose Weight

Back in January 2015, Janelle James faced a big truth. She was 275 pounds. Leading up to her wedding in September, she was eager to slim down. This marked the start of her push for a healthier life.

Janelle looked for the best way to drop the weight. She dove into a vegan diet after some research and trials. Going plant-based helped her shed 40 pounds.

Janelle picked up motivation from all over. A podcast became her daily listen, dishing out tips. Its episodes ran from 42 minutes to 1 hour 27 minutes, sharing wisdom on weight loss and staying fit.

The podcast highlighted crushing negative thoughts. This spoke to Janelle, making her see old beliefs were holding her back.

Being eager to learn sped Janelle up. The podcast said curiosity is the secret behind adopting new weight-loss tools. She was all in for testing new ideas.

Switching her goal from just losing weight to overall well-being clicked with Janelle. This pivot proved to be the sustainable route.

Janelle put to use multiple tips from the podcast. These ranged from changing habits and improving communication. They greatly influenced her strategies.

There was a story on the show about someone who got fit after menopause. It was proof that anyone can lose weight. This story energized Janelle.

Weight loss was her main focus, but the show broadened it for her. It talked about bulking up and provided fresh goals outside of slimming down.

One show spotlighted low waste cooking. It opened Janelle’s eyes to better food habits.

For Janelle, success came from a mix of podcast wisdom and her own drive. She learned that losing weight is more than cutting calories. It’s a whole journey involving mind and soul.

Janelle’s tale underscores the power of personal motivation. By blending external support with her own grit, she made real life-changing progress.

Joining EverBody’s Gym

Janelle James was thrilled when she found EverBody’s Gym. She got a free membership thanks to her husband’s job. This gave her a way to exercise regularly and lose weight.

EverBody’s Gym cheered Janelle on in her fitness journey. They have quick 20-minute workouts fit for any schedule. With supportive trainers, even beginners felt welcome and made quick progress.

This gym stands out for its personal approach to fitness. Each member gets one-on-one advice from certified trainers. Workouts are in small groups for more focused training.

An amazing feature at EverBody’s is the glute machine in Cardiff. It targets glutes and hips safely and effectively.

They also offer cooling cardio sessions to boost your heart health. This special technique makes workouts more enjoyable and keeps muscles from aching.

Their RE-HIIT and extra oxygen combo is great for burning fat and boosting brain health. It’s a win-win for feeling and looking better.

EverBody’s Gym is leading in fitness tech too. Smart Charge sessions use different types of energy. These support body recovery and overall fitness.

The Smart Fit Method App keeps members focused on their goals. It helps track workouts, suggest meals, and give health tips.

EverBody’s is more than just a gym; it’s a community. The expert trainers help members of all levels reach their best potential.

Members love the results. They mention better health, energy, and weight loss progress. EverBody’s is very dedicated to member success.

With locations in California, EverBody’s plans to expand. They offer unique fitness plans, top technology, and deep commitment to every member.

At EverBody’s, the price is fair. They have monthly and yearly plans. TrueMed partnership helps cover costs with FSA or HSA funds.

Cancelling is easy if you do it fourteen days before your next bill. This means members have freedom to choose what’s best for them.

Janelle’s journey at EverBody’s Gym transformed her health and confidence. The support, facilities, and workouts made all the difference. She’s now in the best shape of her life.

Participating in The Biggest Loser

In April, Janelle James moved forward in her weight loss journey. She joined the famous TV show “The Biggest Loser.” This marked a big moment in her efforts to live healthier and happier. At the start, she weighed 256.6 pounds.

Since she started on “The Biggest Loser,” Janelle has lost over 12 pounds. The show’s environment has supported and challenged her. It has pushed her to go beyond what’s comfortable. She has found new ways to grow personally.

Janelle is now open to trying various fitness classes and activities. Trying these new things has made her enjoy moving more. It’s part of why she’s making steady progress.

Progress and Achievements

Janelle James started a big journey on The Biggest Loser to lose weight. She worked hard and really focused on being healthy. Her efforts paid off, bringing huge changes to her life.

Running a mile used to be tough for Janelle because it hurt. But now, she can run without that pain. This is a huge deal for her, saying a lot about her progress.

Her weight has dropped, and she’s getting fitter by the day. This happened because she kept up with her exercises and chose better foods. It’s clear that her health is much better now.

Janelle’s mind and feelings are also in a better place. Achieving her weight loss goals made her feel really good about herself. This, in turn, made her happier in other parts of her life.

Janelle is now a role model for those also losing weight. Her journey proves that hard work and support lead to great success. Her story inspires others to keep going, no matter the challenge.

Janelle isn’t done yet. She’s eager to keep improving her health. For her, hitting new goals and losing more weight is the next big step to a bright future.

Janelle James’ Tips for Weight Loss

Janelle James is not just a talented actress and comedian. She has also had an inspiring weight loss journey. She’s shared key tips and strategies that helped her change her life.

Janelle advises everyone to find what motivates them personally. It could be wanting to wear a certain outfit or becoming healthier. A strong motivation helps keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

Janelle also stresses the importance of enjoying exercise. She says it’s vital to pick physical activities you like to stay consistent. Activities like dancing, hiking, swimming, or fitness classes can be fun and effective.

Focusing on healthy eating is crucial for Janelle. She prefers whole foods like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Eating nutritious, tasty meals is key for her. Variety helps her body stay strong on her journey.

Seeking help is another tip Janelle shares. Being part of a supportive community, whether at a gym or in a program, is beneficial. Support can keep you motivated and on track. Joining classes or getting a personal trainer can really help.

It’s important to remember that each person’s weight loss journey is different. By using Janelle James’ advice and staying dedicated, you can reach your weight loss goals.

Janelle James’ Grub Street Diet

Janelle James is famous for her comedy and acting. She recently shared what she eats in a Grub Street Diet article. Her meals show she loves various flavors and cares about eating healthy.

She loves to start her day with scrambled eggs and kale. This meal is full of protein and perfect for getting her day going.

If she’s feeling under the weather, Janelle opts for chicken soup. It’s not just comforting but also great for her health.

Janelle has many soup favorites, such as tortellini and minestrone. She says using good stock in soups is key to amazing taste.

Janelle loves having leftover soups. They’re still tasty and save her time in the kitchen.

At lunch, she enjoys a special Italian sandwich. Made with quality ingredients, it’s a highlight of her day.

For dinner, Thai food from Myrtle Thai is her go-to, especially the crab fried rice. It offers a mix of yummy flavors.

If she’s in the mood for a smoothie or salmon sandwich, she visits Brooklyn Blend. It’s a great place to eat well.

She often goes to Olive Tree Cafe for lentil soup. This nutritious soup fits well with her nights of laughter.

Chocolates are a sweet treat Janelle can’t resist. Chocolove chocolate-pretzel bars are among her favorites.

Sometimes, she likes waffles at Kellogg’s Diner. They come with cheddar scrambled eggs, a delicious breakfast.

Janelle’s meals change with the seasons. Winter makes her crave hearty dinners, while summer mornings are all about freshness.

Janelle’s food choices highlight her love for diverse meals and smart eating. She enjoys her food while taking care of her health.

Her meals are well thought out, showing her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Janelle’s diet is full of flavors and nutrition, making her life fulfilling.

Janelle James’ Rise to Success

Janelle James became a well-known comedian and actress through her hard work and talent. She shone early on in the comedy scene on shows like “Black Monday” and “The Rundown With Robin Thede.” Her role as Ava Coleman on “Abbott Elementary” marked a turning point.

Debuting in December 2021, “Abbott Elementary” was a hit right away. It drew in 3.3 million viewers per week. Its mix of diverse actors and writers made it special and meaningful in 2023.

But Janelle’s path wasn’t easy. She began with very little and once lived in a bike shop’s backroom. Over ten years, she refined her comedic skills. This hard work led her to where she is today.

Besides acting, Janelle is known for the details she puts into her roles. She helps pick her character’s outfits. Her character’s unique style and her acting skills have truly made Ava Coleman stand out.

“Abbott Elementary” is praised for its deep characters, including Janelle’s. Ava is funny, timeless, and endearingly modern. This makes her a favorite among the show’s viewers.

Janelle keeps her personal life quiet. She values privacy and respect for other public figures’ personal space. While she might write a book one day, she’s skeptical about a TV show based on her life. For now, she’s focused on her career.

Janelle reminds us about the value of staying down-to-earth and wise about money. She inspires those looking to make it big in comedy or acting. With talent, effort, and perseverance, anyone can reach their goals.

Representation on Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary is known for its strong commitment to showing real diversity. It’s a show about Black culture, with many voices shown through its cast and writers. This is key in telling stories that really connect with people.

Janelle James, who plays Ava Coleman, has really stood out. Her work has even earned her an Emmy nomination. She adds a lot of fun and depth to the show.

The show also tackles queer stories through Chris Perfetti’s character, Jacob. By sharing a variety of stories, Abbott Elementary helps everyone feel included. It promotes respecting and understanding each other.

The diversity seen on-screen extends behind the scenes as well. The writing team is made up of ten people from all kinds of backgrounds. This mix makes the show’s stories feel real and true to life.

Abbott Elementary’s drive for diverse and honest storytelling has proven to be a hit. About 3.3 million people tune in every week. And it’s won big awards like Emmys and Golden Globes, showing its impact.

In 2023, Abbott Elementary became a standout for Black representation. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s a voice for those not often heard. It dives into important topics and challenges the way we think.

This show is leading the way in showcasing true diversity on TV. By highlighting different life experiences and discussing serious topics, Abbott Elementary has made a mark. Janelle James and the rest of the cast are making big changes in the industry. They show how vital it is to share all kinds of stories on the screen.


Janelle James’ weight loss journey shows the power of grit and will. By overcoming obstacles, she has improved her health and lost weight. Her story inspires others on similar paths.

Studies show the Shark Tank product, with BHB for ketosis, aids in weight loss. It helps control hunger and stalls fat buildup. Users’ positive reviews affirm its effectiveness for losing weight quickly.

Janelle is part of an important health trend. The high obesity rate in America calls for new ways to lose weight. Making lasting lifestyle changes, like enjoying exercise and choosing healthy foods, is key. It helps people keep the weight off.

In short, Janelle and the Shark Tank product offer hope for weight loss success. Their stories show how determination, help, and new ideas can lead to a healthier life. With the right approach, everyone can achieve their health goals.


What challenges did Janelle James face during her weight loss journey?

Janelle James faced tough times due to thyroid disease and knee surgeries. These health issues played a part in her gaining weight.

How did Janelle James’ pregnancy impact her weight?

During pregnancy, Janelle James gained 45 pounds. This brought her weight to 240 pounds.

What motivated Janelle James to start her weight loss journey?

Janelle James wanted to look great in her wedding dress. The approaching wedding was her big motivator.

How did joining EverBody’s Gym contribute to Janelle James’ weight loss journey?

She got a free membership starting through her husband’s job. This allowed her to add exercise to her life and get support at the gym.

What role did The Biggest Loser play in Janelle James’ weight loss journey?

Janelle James went on The Biggest Loser. The show challenged her to new levels of fitness and to leave her comfort zone.

What progress has Janelle James made on her weight loss journey?

Janelle James lost a lot of weight and got much fitter. She went from struggling to walk to jogging a mile easily.

What tips does Janelle James have for others on their weight loss journeys?

She suggests finding what keeps you going and an exercise routine you like. Healthy eating and getting support from a gym or program are also key, she says.

What was mentioned about Janelle James’ dietary preferences in Grub Street Diet?

Janelle James liked scrambled eggs and kale for breakfast. For dinner, she enjoyed homemade chicken soup. Her choice for lunch was an Italian sandwich, along with other meals.

How has Janelle James risen to success as a comedian and actress?

Janelle James made it through her talent and hard work in stand-up and comedy writing. Her part as Ava Coleman in Abbott Elementary is highly praised and loved.

How does Abbott Elementary contribute to representation on TV?

Abbott Elementary is a standout, being a Black show with a cast and writers’ room full of variety. It tackles important issues and connects with viewers. Janelle James highlights the need for writers who get the Black experience, for realness.

What does Janelle James’ weight loss journey teach us?

Her journey teaches us about the strength of coming back from tough moments. It highlights how important it is to find what’s right for you and to stick to your dreams.

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