Josh Seas Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know

Starting a weight loss journey can be hard, but Josh Seas took on the challenge. He began in Texas, noticing his health needed a change. Josh aimed for success that would last.

He focused on eating fewer calories to lose weight. By watching what he ate, he made sure to eat less than he burned. This method helped him make smart food choices every day.

Josh aimed to lose about 0.88lbs to 1.76lbs a week, which experts say is a healthy rate. At 176.6 lbs, he only ate 2,600 calories a day. He kept at it, knowing that small, steady changes lead to big results.

Josh’s hard work paid off. He shed more than 200 pounds, showing his true grit. This new chapter wasn’t just about losing weight. It opened the door to a fit lifestyle. Josh even tackled long-distance running.

He didn’t do it alone. Josh chose a plant-based diet that kept him going strong. This big change wasn’t easy, especially where he lived. But Josh stayed focused, inspiring many on their own health paths.

Many got inspired by Josh’s tale. In December 2013, a podcast shared his story during a big nutrition book sale. The event sparked motivation for others working on their wellness.

We’re going to look into Josh’s secrets for sticking with a healthy lifestyle. We’ll learn lots from his weight loss adventure and what made it work so well.

The Importance of Making a Change

Starting a weight loss journey means knowing change is needed. Gen Cohen’s story shows this well. She made three lifestyle changes and lost 50lbs, going from 205lbs to about 155lbs.

Gen chose to focus on her health. She made changes to live a healthier, more balanced life. Her efforts led to a 50lb weight loss in one year.

After starting, she lost 10lbs more very quickly. This change came after removing her non-hormonal copper IUD. It shows how our choices can affect our weight and health.

Gen’s fitness journey began at home. She did 28-minute workouts three times a week. Over time, she made her workouts longer and more intense. Now, she exercises for an hour three times a week. She also makes sure to walk every day for 30 to 60 minutes.

Gen also knows sleep matters for losing weight. She now sleeps eight to nine hours a night. This is much better than her old five to six hours.

The Power of Making a Change

Gen’s dedication to change brought more than weight loss. She gained confidence and improved her life. Her story proves that lasting weight loss comes from steady lifestyle improvements.

Changing is the key to weight loss, as Gen shows us. By keeping up simple, realistic changes, anyone can see big changes. Ready to start your transformation?

Determining Caloric Intake

Josh carefully decided his daily calories for losing weight. He used the Harris-Benedict Equation to find his Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). This is a known way to calculate how many calories you need to stay the same weight.

But Josh wasn’t trying to stay the same. He wanted to lose weight. He figured out the calories he should eat less. After some thought, he set his daily limit at 2,600 calories.

This gave him a 660 calorie deficit daily. It’s the key to losing weight at a good, healthy speed. With this plan, he aims to lose 0.5% to 1% of his body weight every week.

Setting a clear daily calorie target was crucial for Josh. It put him on the path to reach his weight loss targets. This method suited his active life well and promised to keep the weight off for the long term.

The Role of Macros in Weight Loss

Counting macros can help with weight loss. Josh Seas focused on protein and meeting his calorie goal. He didn’t track fats and carbs closely but made sure to get enough protein.

Protein is key for losing weight because it keeps you full and preserves muscles. Josh kept his energy up and helped his body recover by eating enough protein.

It can be hard to track all macros all the time, especially in social settings. Losing weight isn’t just about numbers or strict rules. It’s finding a good balance for your health and food quality.

Josh changed to eating mostly plants and still felt good. He gained muscle and strength. This shows how important it is to pick foods that meet your needs and goals.

Remember, the goal is to balance tracking macros with your overall goals. Find what approach to eating supports your health and weight loss long term.

Planning a Daily Eating Strategy

Planning what you eat daily is crucial for reaching weight loss goals. Being aware of your calories, prepping meals, and timing your eating are all important. This makes it easier to stay focused and move towards your ideal weight.

Dedicated meal prepping can greatly aid in your weight loss. Spend time each week making healthy, low-calorie meals. It ensures you always have a good option at hand. This not just saves time and money, but it keeps you from picking unhealthy choices when you’re hungry.

When deciding on meals, know your daily calorie target. Consider your personal needs and weight loss goal to set a healthy calorie deficit. For instance, aiming to lose one pound weekly means you need to cut about 500 calories each day.

The timing of when you eat is significant. Listen to your body’s hunger signals and eat on a regular schedule. Many people like intermittent fasting. It means only eating during certain hours, which can help speed up burning fat by reducing how long you eat during the day.

Drinking more water is also key for losing weight. It keeps you hydrated and full, which can stop you from overeating.

Furthermore, adding weight training to your workouts can help reduce belly fat. Muscle uses more calories than fat, which boosts your metabolism. This means more calories burned overall.

For best results in losing weight and keeping muscle, eat enough protein. Studies show that more protein than the usual can lower your weight while keeping muscle. Try to get about 1g of protein for every pound of your weight each day.

Selecting the right mix of fats, carbs, and proteins is crucial. About 20% of your calories should come from fats to keep your hormones in balance. About 20% should be carbs. Adjust this based on your own health and diet needs.

By following these steps and adapting them to how you live, making a good eating plan is possible. Remember, making smart choices every day is what will help you in the long run.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Hydration is key for reaching your fitness goals. It’s crucial for staying healthy. Drinking plenty of water every day is vital.

Josh Seas found out water was key in his weight loss journey. He lost 11 lbs by drinking a gallon a day for a week. Water helped him lose weight by boosting his metabolism.

Water increases metabolism, helping your body burn calories. It’s how we turn food and drink into energy. Being well-hydrated boosts your metabolism, making your body work better.

Water also reduces hunger and snacking. When hydrated, it’s easier to tell if you’re truly hungry or just needing water. Being hydrated helps you eat less and eat better.

Water is a great choice over sugary drinks for many reasons. It has no calories and helps you lose weight. By choosing water over drinks with calories, you can cut down your daily total.

Choosing the Right Water

Choosing clean, purified water matters a lot. If you like flavors, add natural stuff like lemon. This makes your water taste better without adding sugar or calories.

Herbal tea is a good alternative. Green tea is especially great for your metabolism. It has antioxidants like EGCG that support health and burn fat.

Look for trusted green tea brands if you want to try it for weight loss. Brands like Lipton, 365 Everyday Value, Bigelow, or Tazo offer quality teas for your health.

Make water your go-to drink to help with weight loss and feel your best.

Holding Yourself Accountable

When striving to lose weight, being accountable is crucial for success. Accountability means owning your actions and thinking about what happens next. It helps you stay focused and pick the best path to reach your weight goals.

Josh Seas, who lost over 40lbs recently and 100lbs overall, knows how critical accountability is for ongoing weight loss.

He did a test and lost 11lbs in a week by drinking a gallon of water daily. Even without changing what he ate or his workouts. This test showed how vital good hydration is for losing weight. It also proved that discipline and sticking to a goal really works.

Watching what you eat is key. When Josh noticed he was drinking too much wine, he made some big changes. With discipline and accountability, he lost 65lbs. And he did it without going to a gym, just by changing what he ate.

Getting help from others is also important. Josh found motivation from The Slow-Carb Diet. Stories of people like Patrick, Maria, and Ricardo who lost a lot of weight inspired him. This showed him the value of staying true to a meal plan and self-discipline.

Ricardo’s story stands out. He lost 150 pounds in 9 months with The Slow-Carb Diet. By sticking to the meal plan with three meals daily, he showed strong discipline. He even inspired others to join in and strengthen their willpower.

To be healthier, you need to be consistent and committed. This is where being accountable to your weight loss aims comes in. It makes you pay closer attention to your choices and helps you develop the self-discipline needed for real change. Always look back at your progress, cheer your wins, and adjust as needed. Remember, accountability is a key tool on your weight loss journey.

Rewarding Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is key for losing weight. It helps burn calories and keeps your heart healthy. Josh, a weight loss writer, values cardio for its benefits. He balances it with enjoyable food, staying in a calorie deficit.

Josh found that doing cardio can make you hungrier. This makes keeping to your calorie limit tough. But, he sees a bright side. Cardio lets you add a bit more food by counting burned calories. This way, you can enjoy some extra eating and still trim down.

This method really helped Josh keep off weight. He didn’t cut out all fun foods. Instead, he learned a balance. This lets him enjoy an occasional treat without breaking his diet.

Remember, the food bonus after cardio should match the workout’s calorie burn. This keeps the weight loss steady. Josh always tracks his food and workout calories. This way, he knows exactly when to treat himself for working hard.

But, losing weight is also about the mind. Josh says it’s important to control your food urges. Viewing cravings as brief wants and staying focused on long-term goals helps. This keeps you on track in your weight loss plan.

So, adding a food reward to your cardio plan can be smart. It keeps you motivated, but always check how it affects your calorie balance. Stick to your personal goals and adjust as you see what works. This way, you can make your weight loss journey last, leading to a healthier you.

Separating Cravings from Conscience

Successful weight loss is tough, both mentally and physically. To win this fight, it’s crucial to set cravings apart from conscience.

We all want certain foods, especially when we’re changing how we eat and live. But too many of these can slow us down. Tom Morley, who shed an impressive 100lbs, knows how to beat these mental hurdles.

Tom advises people to think hard when cravings call. Thinking about the long-term effects of giving in helps. Seeing cravings as a desire for instant satisfaction helps us choose better. This way, we stay on track with our weight loss aims.

For Tom, distracting himself is a winning move when cravings come. Doing something else or focusing on a favorite thing can shift the mind’s focus. This avoids making choices we might regret later.

On his journey, Tom learned a powerful lesson: cravings are short-lived. They often come from what’s around us. Realizing this boosts our self-control. It helps us make smart choices for our health in the long run.

Sticking to healthy eating is tough, but it’s key for lasting results. Tom’s wisdom reminds us the fight in our minds is as crucial as the physical changes. Beating cravings and enhancing self-discipline helps us reach our weight goals. Plus, it betters our life quality.

Testimonials from Awaken180 Weightloss Ambassadors

The Awaken180 Weightloss program has changed the game for many in their weight loss journey. It’s inspired and encouraged people to hit their weight loss targets and totally transform their lives. Here are some inspiring stories from those who’ve walked this path.

  1. Dan Rea:

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These stories show how effective and committed the Awaken180 program is. They’ve truly helped change lives by supporting people to meet their weight loss goals. If you need a program with personal support, education, and lasting strategies, Awaken180 Weightloss could be right for you.


Patrick, Maria Rider, and Ricardo showed us how to lose weight well. Their stories prove that commitment and smart plans lead to big success. Patrick dropped over 100 pounds with The Slow-Carb Diet. Maria Rider and her husband lost 181 pounds together. And Ricardo lost 150 pounds in 9 months. They all followed their plans closely.

These tales tell us that you can keep the weight off with the right choices. Things like counting calories, planning meals, and staying on track really help. By eating fewer calories and picking the right foods, anyone can start their journey to weight loss. The Slow-Carb Diet, from the author, is a good way to do this.

Jordan Biesinger’s story with the mono diet shows how mindset and support matter too. Trying new eating plans and having someone there to push you can work wonders. Jordan proved this by losing 6.6 pounds and picking up better eating habits.

The lessons from these stories are clear. Long-lasting weight loss comes from smart choices and sticking to them. Whether you go with a diet or find a group to cheer you on, being healthy is what matters most. Start your journey to a better you today.


How did Josh Seas start his weight loss journey?

Joshua began to lose weight when he saw he was getting a bit fat. He decided it was time to make a change.

What weight loss strategy did Josh use?

Josh started watching how many calories he ate. This helped him burn off more calories than he was taking in, so he could lose weight.

How did Josh determine his daily caloric intake?

He used a special formula, the Harris-Benedict Equation, to figure out his TDEE. This helped him know how much to eat every day.

Did Josh only focus on counting calories?

Josh mainly counted how many calories were in his food. But, he also thought about how much protein he was getting. He didn’t worry too much about tracking fats and carbs.

How did Josh plan his daily eating strategy?

Josh found that preparing his meals ahead of time was very helpful. He also made sure to eat at the right times to meet his daily calorie limit.

What role did drinking water play in Josh’s weight loss journey?

Drinking a lot of water was key for Josh. He lost a lot of weight by drinking a whole gallon every day. Staying hydrated made a big difference for him.

What is the importance of personal accountability in weight loss?

Josh believes owning up to your choices is crucial when you’re trying to lose weight. Reflecting on how you’re doing helps to keep your goals in sight.

Can cardio exercise be rewarded with food?

Josh thinks you can treat yourself more if you do cardio. But, you still need to track your calorie budget. Knowing how many calories you burn in a workout helps you make smarter food choices.

How can cravings be separated from conscience during weight loss?

If you’re tempted by cravings, Josh says to stop and think. He suggests asking yourself if giving in will really help long-term. This mindful approach can help you resist and stick to your plan.

Are there any success stories from the Awaken180 Weightloss program?

Yes, Josh showcased people who found success with the Awaken180 program. They talked about how the program’s support and knowledge improved their lives and gave them confidence.

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