Lateshia Pearson Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know

Lateshia Pearson’s weight loss story is truly inspiring. She lost 200 pounds in 2½ years through hard work. At one point, she weighed 410 pounds. But, she changed her life by exercising and eating better.

Pearson began her journey in 2008 with walks and stopped drinking sodas. She used at-home workouts to lose 100 pounds. Later, she teamed up with a personal trainer and lost another 75 pounds in eight months.

Even with her progress, Pearson had hard times like gaining 35 pounds in a year due to stress. Yet, she overcame this by working with a nutritionist. This helped her lose 20 pounds and 20 inches.

Pearson went from a size 26/28 to an 8/10, showing her commitment to health. She worked hard and transformed her body like never before.

To celebrate, she ran a Spartan Race after completing law school. She passed the bar exam and continued her healthy lifestyle.

Pearson’s mom, Jane Pearson, was a big support. She encouraged and celebrated Lateshia’s achievements. Jane gifted her colorful shoes to mark the milestones.

Lateshia’s change also influenced her career. Now, she runs the National Women’s Brunch Organization, speaks publicly, coaches, and writes. She encourages others to chase their dreams and care for themselves.

Pearson’s journey shows how resilience, effort, and support lead to amazing changes. She inspires all of us to believe that change is possible with determination.

Pearson’s Support System and Motivation

Lateshia Pearson’s weight loss journey had her mom, Jane Pearson, cheering her on. Jane gave words of support and prayers. She even gave Lateshia new athletic shoes for her goals. Every smaller jeans size was a big win. Jane shared in the victory, knowing Lateshia could now enjoy things more freely.

Lateshia’s sister, Jennie Blair, was also a key supporter. Jennie was always there for her, giving Lateshia the boost she needed. She joined Lateshia in a race to celebrate her amazing progress.

Jane and Jennie’s love and faith in Lateshia were crucial. Their support kept her going. They reminded Lateshia about her progress and gave her the courage to continue.

Personal cheerleaders, like her family, made a huge impact on Lateshia’s weight loss success.

College Weight Gain and Emotional Challenges

Lateshia Pearson gained a lot of weight in college. This led to her feeling really sad and depressed. She thought she wasn’t pretty enough to fit in or join a sorority.

These feelings affected Pearson’s self-esteem a lot. She remembers these tough times well. Pearson even got rid of many old pictures since they didn’t feel like her anymore.

But, she still looks at those photos sometimes. It reminds her of how far she has come. Pearson now feels very proud of the changes she has made.

Overcoming Self-Image Challenges

Pearson’s journey to feel good about her body and herself continues. She’s now at a point where she loves who she is, both then and now. Losing weight has helped her see herself in a more positive light.

She wants to tell others that they are more than just how they look. True beauty comes from inside, she believes.

Now, let’s see what Pearson’s new goals are after losing weight. We will also look at how she tackled challenges on this path.

Setting and Achieving New Goals

After losing weight, Lateshia didn’t stop challenging herself. She understands the need for new goals to stay motivated. She celebrated passing the bar exam by joining the 2014 Reebok Spartan Race in Phoenix, Arizona.

During the Spartan Race, Pearson traveled 4.5 miles. She was with her sister when they finished, feeling very proud. This race showed Pearson’s strength to face challenges and seek new experiences.

For Pearson, setting goals is key, not just for physical feats. She values setting personal goals for overall life improvement. This includes furthering her education, starting new businesses, and finding personal joy. She believes in setting goals and working hard to reach them.

The Power of Setting Goals

Creating new goals can give life meaning. It helps people step out of comfort zones, find their true strengths, and grow. Like Pearson, everyone can do amazing things by setting clear goals and sticking to a plan.

With goals, individuals can:

  • Measure progress and track achievements
  • Maintain focus and motivation
  • Challenge themselves to go beyond their limits
  • Unlock new opportunities and experiences
  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem

Setting new goals is exciting, whether it’s a Spartan Race or graduating law school. It keeps life from feeling stale.

Dealing with Excess Skin

After losing over 200 pounds, Pearson faced a tough challenge with excess skin. Such a significant weight loss journey is truly admirable. But, this leads to loose, sagging skin that affects individuals both physically and emotionally.

Even without the reflection of a 400-pound person, the extra skin reminded Pearson of her past struggles. She viewed it as a small cost for her better health and longer life.

Excess skin brings physical and emotional hurdles. It causes discomfort, irritates the skin, and makes it hard to find fitting clothes. It also messes with self-image and confidence. Even where weight loss achievements are huge, people might feel awkward about how they look.

Despite these tough spots, Pearson stays strong and proud of her progress. She feels her journey is well worth it if it motivates others. Pearl’s message focuses on resilience and loving yourself. It’s about health and wellness, not just looks.

Handling excess skin is personal, with many paths to choose from. This can involve surgery or accepting one’s body. What matters most is tending to physical and mental well-being. Choose a route that meets personal goals and values.

Maintaining Weight Loss and Overcoming Challenges

Maintaining weight loss can be tough, especially with stress. Lateshia Pearson, like many, faced a challenge. She gained 35 pounds in a year due to stress from work and her personal life.

But Pearson decided she needed to take back control. So, she hired a nutritionist for help. With the nutritionist’s support, she lost 20 pounds and 20 inches, putting her back on the right path.

Through hard work, Pearson is back to size 8/10. She stays true to her long-term health goals. Pearson makes her health a top priority.

Pearson is thankful for the support of her family and friends. They’ve been there for her in good and tough times.

Keeping the weight off needs commitment and facing challenges head-on. Pearson’s journey inspires others. Seeking help from professionals and having a solid support network can help you keep a healthy lifestyle.

Lateshia Pearson’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Lateshia Pearson inspires not only with her weight loss but also as a thriving entrepreneur. She leads the National Women’s Brunch Organization. Here, she encourages women to venture into business while taking care of themselves. Her work as a speaker and life coach aims to uplift others.

she is also a writer.

This organization provides a space for women to share, learn, and support one another. Pearson’s leadership has created a strong community. It supports and boosts the voices of women in business.

At events like the ‘Mingling over Mimosas Business Brunch,’ Pearson’s impact is clear. She drew over 100 people to an event meant for 80 in Mississippi. This showcases her influence in the local business scene.

Pearson fights for equality and welcomes both genders to her events. She believes in the strength of working together in a varied community. Empowering women is her main goal, leading a charge for entrepreneurship and growth.

Her success also shines beyond her organization. The reality show ‘Belle Collective’ on OWN features Pearson and four other black female entrepreneurs. It shares their stories of success, resilience, and innovation.

Despite personal challenges, Pearson stays focused on her business. Her ability to push forward while inspiring others shows her strength as a leader and entrepreneur.

Lateshia Pearson’s Background and Education

Lateshia Pearson is from Pelahatchie, Mississippi. She faced tough challenges on her journey to lose weight. After graduating from Hinds Community College, she got a Paralegal Degree from Belhaven University. Pearson didn’t stop learning after college. She then worked in a law firm as a paralegal for 11 years.

Even with tough times, Pearson wanted to change her life. She began a journey to lose weight that amazed many. She showed incredible willpower and a strong desire to improve herself.

Through determination and hard work, Pearson lost 200 pounds in just 2.5 years. She went from 410 pounds to a healthier weight. Her new lifestyle included lots of exercise and eating well. Her mother celebrated every step of her journey by giving her 12 pairs of athletic shoes. It symbolized the effort Pearson put in her transformation.

Pearson’s background in education and her paralegal degree helped her succeed in life. She was thankful for her family and friends’ constant support. They were with her through thick and thin, cheering her on.

Pearson proved that by staying determined, big changes are possible. Her journey inspires others to face their challenges head-on. She shows that reaching your dreams and living the life you want is within anyone’s reach.

The Motivation Behind Women Brunch Mississippi

Lateshia Pearson started Women Brunch Mississippi after joining a Business Brunch in Georgia. She saw women sharing ideas and helping each other with their businesses. This motivated her to start something similar in Mississippi.

Pearson’s vision led to the “Mingling over Mimosas Business Brunch” in Mississippi. She expected 80 people but got over 100. This event showed the strong interest in women supporting and working together in Mississippi.

Women Brunch Mississippi is a hub for women to network and support each other in business. Pearson wants it to spark new business ideas and collaborations among women in the area.

Started by Lateshia Pearson, Women Brunch Mississippi unites women from different fields. They come together to learn and grow, supporting each other in their ventures. It’s a place for entrepreneurial inspiration, offering insights, opportunities, and meaningful collaborations. This brunch is a supportive community for ambitious women, focused on their success.

“Belle Collective” and Lateshia Pearson

Lateshia Pearson is a well-known CEO. She runs the National Women’s Brunch Organization. She stars on the TV show “Belle Collective.” This hit reality series began on OWN on January 15, 2021. It shows the lives of six Black women entrepreneurs in Jackson, Mississippi. Pearson is shown as a property investor who helps Jackson by investing in it.

“Belle Collective” shows Pearson’s work and personal life. It looks at her love story with her husband. They are trying to live together and face lifestyle differences. Pearson wants to marry and have kids. She stays determined to reach her goals, despite challenges.

The show is loved for showing successful Black women in Jackson. Jackson doesn’t often get media attention. “Belle Collective” shares the stories of these women. It motivates others in their community to aim for success.

“Belle Collective” also looks into personal dramas. The tension between Pearson and Aikisha is highlighted. Their conflict keeps the show interesting and dramatic to watch.

Pearson is 42 and about 5 feet, 6 inches tall. She is worth between $1 million to $5 million. She started her company in January 2020. Before this, she worked as a paralegal for 11 years.

Pearson’s business work is admired. She won the 2020 Top Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Plus, she got the 2020 Top 50 under 40 Award from the Mississippi Business Journal. These awards show her impact in the business world.

Fans are excited for the third season of “Belle Collective.” It will start on May 19, 2023. The show shares the stories of successful Black women. It continues to be popular because of its great stories and real look at success and challenges.

Marie’s Lupus Battle and Family Reunion

Marie, known from “Belle Collective,” deals with Lupus and life’s other demands. Lupus is tough, making her focus on health and her duties. Her journey, shown on the show, highlights how she reconnects with her mother. Her mother is fighting drug addiction.

Marie wants to bring her family back together and help her mom beat addiction. She talks about drug rehab to better her mom’s health and avoid more drug-related problems.


Lateshia Pearson has proven her strength with her journey to lose weight. She worked hard and never gave up. Her story is not just about losing weight; it’s about becoming a business owner and someone who motivates others.

Her tale shows how important it is to have supportive people around you and to set new goals. She overcame many obstacles. Her change goes beyond just her body. It shows her growth as a person and her commitment to a healthy life.

Pearson’s journey has inspired many. She shows how to turn personal struggles into success stories. By sharing her experiences, she motivates others too. Her achievements prove that hard work pays off, no matter the obstacles.


What was Lateshia Pearson’s weight loss journey like?

Lateshia Pearson began her weight loss after an uncomfortable airplane moment. She walked more and cut out sodas and fast food. Using home workouts, she shed 100 pounds in 2008.She then teamed up with a personal trainer, losing another 75 pounds in eight months. After 2.5 years, she had lost a total of 200 pounds. Her journey included weight training, varied cardio, boxing, and outdoor activities.Pearson also followed a strict diet. She ate less carbs and more protein to help her stay healthy.

Who supported Lateshia Pearson during her weight loss journey?

During her journey, Pearson received big support from her mother, Jane Pearson. Jane encouraged her with words and prayers. She also gave Pearson new athletic shoes as rewards for her progress.Pearson’s sister, Jennie Blair, was also a crucial support. She supported Pearson emotionally and even ran a race with her to mark her achievements.

What challenges did Lateshia Pearson face during her college years?

In college, Pearson faced significant weight gain. It made her feel sad and depressed. She had low self-esteem, thinking she didn’t compare to other girls. She also doubted she was pretty enough to join a sorority.

What new goals did Lateshia Pearson set after reaching her weight loss goal?

After achieving her weight loss goal, Pearson took on a new challenge. She joined the 2014 Reebok Spartan Race in Phoenix. This was to celebrate her law school graduation and passing the bar exam.Since then, Pearson keeps chasing new goals. She sees staying healthy as a lifelong mission.

How did Lateshia Pearson deal with excess skin after her weight loss?

After losing weight, Pearson faced issues with excess skin. She no longer saw a 400-pound person in the mirror. However, she felt the loose skin was like a battle scar.Despite the challenge of excess skin, Pearson is happy with her healthier lifestyle.

How did Lateshia Pearson maintain her weight loss and overcome challenges?

Pearson faced difficulties keeping the weight off, especially due to job and personal stress. This led to a 35-pound gain. Yet, with a nutritionist’s help, she lost 20 pounds and 20 inches.Determined to stay healthy, Pearson is now back to a size 8/10. She is working hard to regain control of her health.

What is Lateshia Pearson’s background and education?

Pearson hails from Pelahatchie, Mississippi. She graduated from Hinds Community College. Later, she earned a Paralegal Degree from Belhaven University.

What motivated Lateshia Pearson to launch Women Brunch Mississippi?

Pearson was motivated by a Business Brunch in Georgia. There, she saw women supporting each other. Feeling Mississippi needed something like it, she arranged an event called Mingling over Mimosas Business Brunch.

How did Lateshia Pearson gain public attention?

Pearson became known on the TV show “Belle Collective.” The show highlights her success as a property investor. It also shows her work to improve parts of Jackson, Mississippi.

How does Marie’s personal journey relate to Lateshia Pearson’s story?

Marie, also on “Belle Collective,” has been managing Lupus while searching for her mother. Her goal is to help her mother overcome addiction for better health.

What does Lateshia Pearson’s weight loss journey represent?

Pearson’s weight loss story stands for resilience and hard work. It shows not just weight loss but also growth and a commitment to a healthy life.

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